Peter's Wildlife Safaris | About

Peter Balunek is an avid conservationist and professional wildlife photographer. He strives to capture the emotions and family dynamics of the animals.  His passion led him to establish Peter’s Wildlife Safaris, built upon his mission to create awareness about the threats facing the world’s wildlife from the illegal wildlife trade and poaching, loss of habitat and human/animal conflict. As a Wildlife Ambassador, he leads small group, private and conservation safaris to Africa and other parts of the world so others can witness and experience these animals in their natural habitat.

He is a frequent speaker to community groups, schools and universities to educate and increase awareness of these threats.  In 2015, he established the Satao Wildlife Foundation, a 501c3 public charity, whose mission is to “Improve the lives of wildlife” by improving the lives of people.  The foundation focuses on community conservation projects in Africa which improve and mitigate the human animal conflict in the areas around the wildlife’s traditional range. 

Peter lives in Cleveland, OH with his wife Molly and their two daughters, Emma and Sophia.  Both girls are following in Dad’s footsteps with a passion for photography and wildlife.